Welcome to Art on Tour!

Welcome! Thank you for checking out the Art on Tour 2020 blog. Here we will be sharing news and resources from this exciting project, which is all about taking more of Swindon’s modern art collection to more people in more places throughout the year.

Back in January, we started planning an extensive learning and community engagement programme, which is all about bringing art to life in Swindon. We’ve been finding ways to work with local businesses, schools and venues to transform the way people engage with our collections; to take art out to them, and bring them relevant and unique experiences.

Just as things were starting to take off, our plans, like so many others, were sadly derailed by the outbreak of COVID-19. We do very much hope you are all well and safe in your homes. 

Despite the delay and cancellation of much of our planned work, Art on Tour will not be stopped! After a bit of regrouping and rethinking, we decided that the best way to keep people safe AND deliver super exciting engagement work, is through the power of digital media.

You can discover Swindon’s collection of modern British art (which, we like to brag, is often considered the best outside London) through blogposts, podcasts, family activities and educational resources. Whatever works for you! It’s all accessible right here on the Art on Tour blog.

We hope that this will keep you entertained throughout our necessary lockdown whilst Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is closed to the public (until 1st May). Please share this with anyone you feel will be interested in a bit of art, whether to learn something new or entertain their families during this difficult time.

You can keep up to date with news and new resources by following this blog, our Facebook page and/or Instagram page. We’d love for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and even your own artistic endeavours with us too.

Thanks for reading!

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