Introducing the Art Snaps Podcast

We’re very excited to announce our new podcast Art Snaps! A series of 10 minute-long themed episodes will explore Swindon’s Collection of modern British art. These will be about artworks on show in exhibitions at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, on display at our Art on Tour venues, or currently in storage.

Now, we know a digital image can’t replace the real thing, but hopefully Art Snaps will be a somewhat reasonable alternative, and provide a bit of relief for those of us feeling perhaps a little bored and isolated.

If nothing else, it has given our Art on Tour Project Engagement Officer the opportunity to experiment with her new microphone…

Since spring is well and truly here our first Art Snap looks at three artworks characterised by great colour and vibrancy; Florestan by Gillian Ayres, The Spanish Chair by Mary Fedden and Cambridge July by Mark Lancaster. I love each of these works, which use colour in such different and interesting ways.

But that’s not all… Since I’m feeling particularly generous I’m releasing the first three… YES, THREE… Art Snaps in one go.

Our second Art Snap looks at three artists exploring abstraction in post-war Britain, in new and exciting ways. Stars of this show are William Gear’s Presence on White, Terry Frost’s Grey, Red and Black Verticals and Richard Smith’s Once.

These artworks are on show in Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s current exhibition Pop and Prosperity. So for those who didn’t get to see the exhibition before the closure, Episode Two offers a delicious slice of what you can look forward to once it is safe to reopen.

Episode Three is all about The Bomford Gift, and focuses on three artworks donated by the generous Jimmy Bomford in the mid-1940s.

The works discussed are by L.S. Lowry, Henry Moore and Jankel Adler, and are just a sample from the 21 artworks donated by Bomford, which form the core of Swindon’s art collection.

Each of these paintings has an interesting place in the narrative of British art history. Find out more by listening/watching via our YouTube channel.

All the links to these episodes are available under the Art Snaps Podcast tab.

Enjoy and stay well.


4 thoughts on “Introducing the Art Snaps Podcast

  1. Wonderful! What a welcome initiative, and focussing on just a few works at a time shines a bright light on them.Great threefold start!
    Thank you so much. I will pass this on though I don’t use facebook etc.
    Thank you so much.


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