New Episodes of Art Snaps Available

Hello again out there! We want to say a huge thank you for everyone who has listened to our Art Snaps podcast so far, and for the lovely comments we’ve received.

If you enjoyed the first three Art Snaps released last week, we’re excited to let you know that there’s another double helping available through our You Tube Channel!

The next two instalments continue to explore Swindon’s collection of modern British art, through artworks in the collection which have fascinating stories to tell.

Episode Four looks at pieces by Gwen John and Augustus John, who are arguably two of the most influential portrait painters of the early Twentieth Century. Though brother and sister, these two artists could not have been more different, in personality and in the way they worked.

Through an examination of early works on paper from Swindon’s collection, the Art Snap considers how their time at the Slade School of Art shaped them, and the kind of portraitists they went on to become.

Episode Five was inspired by the gorgeous bank holiday weekend we’ve just had, and explores artworks that ooze vibrancy and renewed energy. If you need a bit of a lift at this difficult time, this Art Snap looks at three works by Cecil Collins, Ivon Hitchens and Denis Wirth-Miller, which always boost my spirits!

Here’s a link to our YouTube page –

Or you can use the Art Snaps tab for a breakdown of all the episodes.

We hope you enjoy these next two Art Snaps, and please do share them with anyone in need of a hit of art history to brighten their day!  

Enjoy, and stay safe and well.


2 thoughts on “New Episodes of Art Snaps Available

  1. Hi Katie,
    I’m not too good on social media but have been following your Art Snaps since leaving a comment on the first one, so proud that these works are all in our fabulous Swindon collection and so glad to see your selection in turns. Jack Smith was all the rage when I was at St Alban’s Art School in the mid ’50’s! And now your interview with Sue Kinneer; came across really well, great publicity for our treasures. I speak from a similar experience, having been invited as her Culture Club guest on March 13 this year. Linda’s request for input prompts me to post this interview or link to it.

    Thank you for opening these windows for us while in lockdown!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words and support Juliet. And wonderful to hear your reflections on Jack Smith too! We’ll keep more posts and podcasts coming 🙂 There’s endless inspiration in our fabulous collection…


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