(News) Newest Art Snaps focus on exhibitions we’re missing out on

Hubert Cook, The Toilers, 1965

If, like me, one of your treasured pastimes involves strolling around the vast spaces of art galleries gazing at the nation’s glorious art collections (not to mention sipping coffee in gallery cafes and browsing the gift shops), you might feel you’re missing out on a lot at the moment.

Sadly, I can’t reproduce the experience of visiting a gallery. However, I can do the next best thing and talk about some of the fabulous exhibitions we’re missing out on in Swindon. So Art on Tour’s most recent Art Snaps have focused on exhibitions which are either postponed, or happening right now in closed venues.

Episode 9 ‘Ceramics in Colour’ looks at some of the gorgeous glazes of studio ceramics due to go on show in ‘A Celebration of Colour’ when Swindon Museum and Art Gallery can reopen (dates TBC).  Since not much of this collection is available online, it’s great to be able to shout about it in this episode, since the ceramics collection provides a great overview of artists working in clay throughout the 20th Century and today.

Episode 10 ‘Pop and Prosperity’ explores pieces by Richard Hamilton, Michael Craig-Martin and Tom Phillips in Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition of artworks from the 1960s. This is gave me an opportunity to talk about British Pop Art and the mind-boggling art of conceptualism, through pieces from Swindon’s collection.

The most recent addition to the Art Snaps series looks at Swindon-born Railway Artist Hubert Cook. Cook’s fascinating work is inspired by the Swindon’s GWR factory, where he was employed for several years. A selection of paintings, drawings and lithographs are on loan from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery to STEAM Museum, and an accompanying blog about Cook’s work can be found on STEAM’s Object of the Month blog – https://steammuseum.wordpress.com/.

Though it’s not quite the same as actually visiting an art gallery, hopefully these short talks will give you a dose of art history appreciation to keep you going through the gallery-less days of lockdown!

As always, these latest Art Snaps are available through our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLHgHbvoC0OF8zDXyv-EPQ. Please don’t forget to share the love, and pass the link onto anyone who might benefit from a bit of art chat!  

Blogpost by Katie

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