(News) The Case of the Missing Chocolate Bar

Each week we ask our wonderful families-in-residence to undertake secret art missions to help us save the world with art. This week, things got serious…..


Secret Agent Jackson reporting in. My eyes this week were drawn to an intriguing case. A highly valuable shipment of Kitkats were arriving from Asda. Despite heavy security at the fridge in the form of Agent Action The Labrador, the shipment was compromised. All that was left was a tattered wrapper that must have been discarded by the would-be chocolate thief. Luckily they had left clues in the form of a chocolatey fingerprint on the wrapper and a piece of crumpled paper. The investigatory task force sprang into action, and a highly sophisticated crime lab was set up. We started with fingerprints. All agents were required to submit finger and hand-prints….

Despite discovering all four agents on the case had different shaped whirls and tents on the lines of their fingers, none matched the oddly shaped print on the chocolate wrapper. Clearly this was not going to help us solve the mystery.

Next, we turned our attention to the crumpled paper. Holding it up to the light there appeared to be an oily residue on it. A message of sorts, but it was written in some kind of material that made it invisible to the naked eye. Luckily we had some water-colour paint in the lab. Mixing it with water, the crime scene techs Caelyn and Awen painted over the top of the paper and to our shock a message appeared….


Imagine our shock and surprise. The unlikely culprit was our security labrador, Action. He had waited for us all to leave, before helping himself to the Kitkats and closing the fridge door behind him to prevent our suspicions falling on him. Luckily for us, he had made two mistakes. The first was leaving prints behind. The nose print of a dog is as individual as human finger-prints – who knew! His second mistake of course was leaving a written confession. He’s not really a very bright dog.

Case closed.

By Annalisa Jackson, Family-in-Residence, blogger, writer

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