(News) Launch of ‘Art on Trees’

Robert Bevan, Back of the Granary, Poland
(c) Swindon Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Fancy a bit of fresh air? Well, if you visit one of Swindon’s beautiful green spaces throughout October, you may wind up taking a walk in the park with a difference! That’s because Art on Tour is getting out and about this autumn, with an exciting trail which challenges you to find 10 vibrant artworks from Swindon’s collection!

We all know this year has been very challenging, and continues to challenge us still. However many have recognised that engaging with nature and creativity is hugely beneficial for our wellbeing, particularly in these troubling times. So, this trail is all about getting out into the fresh air, appreciating Swindon’s abundant green spaces, and being inspired by the town’s fantastic art collection.

Encase you’re beginning to feel slightly alarmed about the safety of the artworks involved… don’t worry! The actual artworks won’t be left to the mercy of the British weather. Your challenge will be to find 10 vibrant banners with images of the pieces printed onto them. This may not be quite the same as seeing the real artworks, but we promise you a unique and vibrant experience!

Art on Trees is totally free, and appropriate for anyone who fancies a wonder in the park with a difference. Those with young families are invited to download resources to help them navigate the trail and get creative on their journey. Those interested in finding out more information about the artworks on show will be able to do so through our Art on Trees page right here on the blog.

The trail will take place at the following locations on the following dates:

Town Gardens, 6 – 11 October

Coate Water, 13 – 18 October

Stanton Park, 20 – 25 October

Lydiard Park, 27 October – 1 November

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the town’s beautiful parks during this dazzling season of change… before we begin hibernating for the winter! Full info will be available here.

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