Art Discovery Boxes

Art Discovery Boxes are resource loan boxes for schools, intended to bring learning to life! They aim to provide teaching ideas and learning inspiration through modern art. Each box supports exploration of a different theme (see below). They can be used across the key stages.

Each box contains: printed teaching and learning resources, an easel, an A2 artwork for display, handling objects, a selection of other artworks, and some linked fiction books. There is a lesson plan in each box to facilitate use, as well as a range of activity suggestions to dip in and out of. Electronic copies of resources, including supporting Powerpoints, are emailed to schools in advance (see below for links). Boxes are delivered and collected. Loans are for a two week period and absolutely free to Swindon schools!

For more information, or to book a box, email

For a printable overview of all the Art Discovery Boxes, please click here.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (click on each individual resource title to download):

SURREALISM BOX: Teacher Pack Lesson PlanAccompanying Powerpoint Surrealism Information SheetArtworks PackArtworks Powerpoint

STILL LIFE BOX: Teacher PackLesson PlanAccompanying PowerpointArtworks PackArtworks Powerpoint

HOME BOX: Teacher PackLesson PlanLesson Plan 2 Accompanying PowerpointHome Collage Pupil WorksheetArtworks PackArtworks Powerpoint

SOUND AND MUSIC BOX: Teacher PackSuggested ActivitiesLesson Plan 1Powerpoint 1Lesson Plan 2Powerpoint 2Lesson Plan 3Powerpoint 3Lesson Plan 4Powerpoint 4Artworks PackArtworks PowerpointInside the Artwork Pack Teacher Toolkit Pupil WorksheetSound Games resource

S.T.E.M BOX: Teacher PackLesson Plan PowerpointArtworks PackArtworks PowerpointSuggested Activities Powerpoint

WAR BOX: Teacher PackLesson Plan 1Powerpoint 1Lesson Plan 2Powerpoint 2Artworks PackArtworks PowerpointInformation Pack

SWINDON IN ART BOX: Teacher PackLesson PlanAccompanying PowerpointArtworks PackArtworks Powerpoint

THE GREAT OUTDOORS BOX: Teacher Pack Artworks Pack Artworks Powerpoint

Bringing art and learning to life!