Art Snaps Podcast

Welcome to the Art Snaps Podcast. With the COVID-19 situation preventing the public from accessing Swindon’s Art Collection, these clips provide an opportunity to experience some of the artworks you might otherwise be missing out on.

You can access the Art Snaps via You Tube, by clicking here.

This art history podcast is narrated by our Art on Tour Project Engagement Officer, Katie Ackrill, who invites you to keep interesting conversations about art going, by commenting under the videos, on Facebook or on Instagram. Or, if you’d prefer, simply sit back and enjoy…

Episode One: A Celebration of Colour

The first of our ‘Art Snaps’ series is about three vibrant paintings from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, which will be featured in our up-and-coming exhibition ‘A Celebration of Colour’. Includes Gillian Ayres’ forever cheerful ‘Florestan’!

Episode Two: Abstract Painting in the 1960s

Episode Two of Art Snaps brings you a sample of works currently on show at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, in ‘Pop and Prosperity’. We look at three exciting abstract paintings on show, including Terry Frost’s ‘Grey, Red and Black Verticals’. It’s about love you know…

Episode Three: The Bomford Gift

This episode of Art Snaps shines a spotlight on a generous donation of artworks from H.J.P (Jimmy) Bomford in 1944-5, which formed the core of Swindon’s collection. Includes work by Henry Moore, L.S. Lowry and Jankel Adler, a refugee artist taken in by the Wiltshire-based Bomford.

Episode Four: Gwen and Augustus John: Siblings at the Slade

This episode of Art Snaps looks at artworks by two of the most famous portrait painters of the 20th Century; Gwen John and Augustus John. Includes Gwen’s exquisite ‘Portrait of a Lady’ from 1910.

Episode Five: Spring has Sprung

Episode five of Art Snaps celebrates Spring through paintings from Swindon’s collection which represent vibrancy, energy and renewal. Enjoy works by Cecil Collins, Ivon Hitchens and Denis Wirth-Miller.

Episode Six: Highlights from the Civic Offices

In Autumn 2019, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery launched an exhibition of artworks at the Civic Offices, as part of the Art on Tour programme. This display features 18 highlights from Swindon’s collection of modern art, spanning about 100 years of art in Britain. This episode of Art Snaps discusses a selection of works from the exhibition.

Episode Seven: Staff Picks

This episode of Art Snaps features six works chosen by members of staff at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery. It includes an eclectic selection of pieces by contemporary nationally renowned artists, as well as local gems from the Swindon collection.

Episode Eight: Art and Conflict

With VE Day upon us, Art Snaps Episode 8 looks at three works from Swindon’s collection which respond to times of conflict. Pieces by Leslie Cole, Augustus John and Prudence Maltby have responded to experiences of war.

Episode Nine: Ceramics in Colour

This special episode of Art Snaps explores ceramics, which will be on show in Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s postponed exhibition ‘A Celebration of Colour’. Katie looks at the vibrant glazes of six selected pieces from Swindon’s exceptional British studio ceramics collection.

Episode Ten: Pop and Prosperity

This episode of Art Snaps looks at three pieces in Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition ‘Pop and Prosperity’. Following on from Episode Two about abstract paintings on show, Katie looks at Pop Art and Conceptualism through works by Richard Hamilton, Michael Craig-Martin and Tom Phillips.

Episode Eleven: Hubert Cook: Railway Artist

This episode of Art Snaps explores Swindon-born Railway Artist Hubert Cook. Cook’s atmospheric depictions of the Great Western Railway Works in Swindon during the 1930s – ‘60s are on loan from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery to STEAM Museum, as part of the Art on Tour project.

Episode Twelve: The Family

With lockdown restrictions recently eased, this episode of Art Snaps explores the theme of family through three fascinating works in Swindon’s modern art collection by Charles Blackman, Dennis Creffield and David Bent.

Episode Thirteen: The Bloomsbury Group

This episode of Art Snaps looks at the famous Bloomsbury Group through vibrant paintings by three of the most influential artistic figures of the early twentieth century; Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Duncan Grant. These pieces are among the most treasured in Swindon’s collection of modern British art.

Episode Fourteen: Refugees and British Art

Following Refugee Week 2020, this Art Snap explores three artists who came to Britain to escape Nazi persecution in the 1930s, and made significant contributions to British art. It includes stunning artworks from Swindon’s collection by Frank Auerbach, Lucien Freud and Lucie Rie.

Episode Fifteen: Still Life

Episode 15 of Art Snaps explores the theme of Still Life through three impressive paintings from Swindon’s collection by Leon Kossoff, Lisa Milroy and Edward Wadsworth. Katie looks at three very different styles of 20th Century art, and the interesting ways the artists reinvented this traditional subject matter.

Episode Sixteen: Big Hitters

Episode 16 of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s lockdown podcast celebrates the launch of a virtual exhibition ‘Big Hitters’, available through Art UK –…. Katie discusses three impactful artworks from the exhibition by Christopher Le Brun, Desmond Morris and Alfred Wallis.