Art Workshops

Our Art Workshops use modern art to bring learning to life! Each workshop focuses on a particular theme, supporting pupils to explore relevant artworks from the nationally-significant Swindon Collection of Modern British Art, and then providing lots of opportunity for them to respond creatively.

We can provide art workshops across the key stages, on any topic, and working in almost any medium. Workshops can be any length, and content can be tailored to the needs of schools. Workshops can form part of a Discover Arts Award for pupils.

Examples of workshops we have delivered in the past are below.

For more information, or to book a workshop, please email Mags Parker, Learning Officer –
Abstract Art
Swindon in Art
War Art
Art Detectives
Art in the Great Outdoors
S.T.E.M in Art
Surrealism – Weird and Wonderful Art
Home in Art
Sound and Music in Art
Still Life

Bringing art and learning to life!