If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the Art Team!

The Families-in-Residence project is one way in which we are helping families across Swindon engage with the Swindon Collection of Modern British Art and get involved in creative activities at home.

Our families-in-residence are secret art agents working hard to help save the world with art. Armed with only their enthusiasm and their paintbrushes, our families-in-residence are spreading joy, creativity and inspiration everywhere they go.

Each week, they get involved in Art Missions, honing their secret agent skills, from learning how to paint invisible pictures, to using outdoor art and natural patterns to confuse the enemy!

The project is supported by Swindon Children’s Scrapstore, a community resource centre and social enterprise providing Swindon communities with low cost environmentally-friendly resources for use in educational and recreational play. Funding from the Wiltshire and Swindon Community Foundation has allowed Scrapstore to develop Art Resources Boxes for our families-in-residence.




Oh my goodness, we are so very excited and truly honoured to be picked for the Families-in-Residence programme. I had to read the email twice and pinch myself!  We are all over the moon to be selected. I can’t wait to set the children their first mission tomorrow, they are going to be so excited. I’ll be interested to see what their super spy powers will be! We are looking forward to the start of our artistic adventures!

The children had so much fun making their secret agent badges and then went on to make bad guys out of play-dough who they could defeat with their special powers! Writing secret messages and drawing invisible pictures lasted 3 hours!

We had so much fun with the missions this week! The children had lots of fun making their spy binoculars after waiting patiently for enough toilet rolls! We also had a go at making hand print pictures for their dad. They turned out so well we framed them! Needless to say he totally loved them. The children were so excited by the lovely box of art resources and goodies they received and have been finding lots of great creative things to do with it!

Our Secret Agents cracked on with their task of making a collage about home this week. Special Agent Dad helped Agent A with the tough cutting. Both agents decided to focus on our garden and pets because we have been very lucky over this period to have an outdoor space and it has been their haven, somewhere to go when we couldn’t go anywhere, and somewhere to share with our pets who played a huge role in keeping us sane. It was good for the children to recognise this in their art.

I asked the girls what our home meant to them and I’ve added some of their answers around the collage.  We also created a model of our kitchen down to the tins in the cupboards! They enjoyed playing with it afterwards!  They really enjoyed learning about the Kitchen Sink Art in the Art Burst Resource Pack too.