Pop-up Gallery Visits

Book a free visit from Mr Bomford’s Travelling Imaginarium! A magical pop-up gallery like no other!

Pupils will discover the magical world of Jimmy Bomford, lover of fast cars, high finance, and modern art – the man who began the Swindon Collection of Modern British Art in the 1950s! Entering through a magical picture frame, pupils explore artworks, come face-to-face with Mr Bomford himself, meet cats and robots, and answer the question ‘what does sound look like?’ They use play and self-led exploration to discover this tented, immersive, and interactive gallery space at their own speed. Schools can book a visit from the pop-up gallery over one or two days. It is suitable for EYFS, KS1 & KS2. We encourage as many classes, staff and parents to visit the Imaginarium as possible!

To find out more or book a visit, please contact Mags Parker, Learning Officer – maparker@swindon.gov.uk

Bringing art and learning to life!