Summer Club

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery invites art adventurers everywhere to join our virtual Summer Club for families! For FREE!

Instead of summer holiday workshops at the Gallery, we’re inviting families to join our FREE online Summer Club holiday programme. We provide digital resources and ideas for creative fun direct to your inbox. The aim is to provide inspiration and ideas for art-based fun at home! We recognise the amazing efforts of parents over the past 5 months – this is our attempt to extend a little helping hand!

How does it work?

Each week of the summer holiday we will send you a couple of emails with art-based resources for little artists (and bigger artists too, if they’d like to get involved!) The resources will be based around a weekly theme:

Some of the resources are traditional creative art activities, others support children to find out about famous artists and artworks. Some of the activities will be more suitable for certain age groups than others, but all can be adapted across the 5 – 12 age range with a little bit of tweaking! The resources are written for children, so those over the age of 8 might be happy accessing the resources themselves, while younger ones will need a little support. There is no need to print any of the resources, although you might like to, just for ease of use. Some of the activities will require minimal equipment, but there will always be options for activities that just require a pen, paper and things lying around the house! Simply pick and choose activities – you can use as many or as few as you like! There is absolutely no need to buy any art resources, but if you happen to be looking for family art resources, our lovely partners, Swindon Scrapstore, are a fantastic local creative resource hub –

Sign me up!

Sign up today and go on a different art adventure every week of the summer holidays! Guaranteed to keep little hands and minds busy! To join the Club, simply email