(News) Art on Tour: Past, Present and Future

We’re thrilled to announce that we (Katie and Mags) will be giving a talk via Zoom this Thursday (6th August), as part of the Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s virtual talks programme!

This fabulous organisation is dedicated to promoting and fundraising for Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, and have done lots of amazing work over the years. This includes raising money for the conservation of artworks and objects in the collections, contributing to exhibitions, volunteering to support events and activities at the museum, and the purchase of new artworks.

It was, in fact, the Friends who purchased one of our favourite pieces, ‘Girl Selling Flowers’ by Desmond Morris, which features (in part) as our blog’s banner…

So when we were asked to give a talk as part of their virtual talks programme we said “YES, What a great opportunity to chat to this vibrant group of culture vultures about what we’ve been up to!” (Or words to that effect anyway.)

This Thursday evening we’ll be talking to a grid of lovely albeit pixilated faces about Art on Tour… Including info about the education and engagement programmes we have planned, the challenges we’ve faced during lockdown and exciting things ahead. We will also be welcoming your burning questions about the project if you have them. If not, just listen and enjoy!

To join us all you have to do is become a member of the Friends, for the very reasonable price of £15 per year, which gives you access to all the fabulous virtual talks coming up, and goes a very long way to support Swindon Museum and Art Gallery. All the info about joining is available here. One you’re signed up you’ll get an email from the Friends’ Chair, Linda Kasmaty, with a link to access the talk.

Thursday 6 August, 7.30pm – We hope to see you there!

Katie Ackrill and Mags Parker

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