(News) Introducing ‘Modern British Art: A Story’

George Clausen, ‘The Reapers’, 1896

It’s lockdown in November, the weather’s a bit dodgy, and the nights are drawing in… but, it’s not all bad! In fact, we think it’s all a jolly good excuse to introduce a brand new way to enjoy Swindon’s art collection from the comfort and safety of your own home…

We’re thrilled to launch an exciting virtual exhibition, ‘Modern British Art: A Story’, which tells a fascinating story of (you guessed it) modern British art, through important artworks from Swindon’s collection. This (we hope) is a quick and easy way to get the lowdown on several key art groups and movements that transformed British art, from the 1880s right up until today!

This is made possible by Art UK’s BRILLIANT Curation Tool, which enables anyone who fancies it to curate their very own virtual exhibitions. We thought we’d get on the bandwagon and seize the opportunity to map out the multifaceted madness that is modern art history, and transform it into bite sized chunks of art historical goodness.

You can check out ‘Modern British Art: A Story’ right HERE. For the best experience, we’d recommend switching to “Storyline View” which puts the artworks in chronological order.

But that’s not all! If you feel we’ve dangled some information bate and are hungry for more, look out for regular blogposts which will be published throughout November (what’s left of it!) and December. These will expand on a number of the artists and movements covered in the exhibition, with an aim of satisfying those healthy art historical appetites (that’s the last of the food references, we promise).

So do keep an eye out, follow the blog, or follow Art on Tour on Facebook (@ArtonTour2020) or Instagram (@swindongalleryartontour) for updates! Enjoy!

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